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Calliope mini is a tiny controller designed to show you the fun in programming. Get creative and start coding!

Here on our website you can easily get started with the Calliope mini, we’ll show you how. Discover our different editors or take a look at the Calliope projects: You can build your own robots, musical instruments and much more.
We also have a forum: If you have any questions, our community is there for you (and so are we).
Take a look around and enjoy yourself!

Our family of editors is growing

The Calliope mini is now also programmable in the Swift Playgrounds app. Create code with the Swift programming language for iOS and the Calliope mini will show you the results immediately. Find the Calliope mini Swift Playground in our editor section – there is also a free teacher guide available.

More about Calliope mini Playground

Calliope forum

For questions about the Calliope mini and its use in class, we have now set up a forum where you can get help as well as help others. You can exchange views on various topics: ideas for teaching, help in dealing with Calliope editors, or general questions about the mini.


First steps - getting started

Do you want to know what you can do with your Calliope mini? On this page, we will show you the first steps, from connecting to your computer to starting your first program.

Getting started

With a little practice and the right program, the Calliope mini can become an instrument, a calculator, a weather station, or a disco ball. We are collecting exciting experiments and lessons, and we are looking forward to many new ideas for personal Calliope projects.

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image impulses and stimulus words

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