Choose the editor to realise your project with!

You have most likely tried out the first things with your Calliope mini, and this is the right spot if you want to do even more with your board. These editors make it easy to show your own text on the display, to read external sensors or to program your own mini robot - just give it a go!


Using the MakeCode editor, you can control your Calliope mini in various ways. Either you arrange program blocks or you use JavaScript.
The current beta version (with many new features and the possibility to switch between blocks, JavaScript and Python) can be found at
An offline version can be loaded here:

Open Roberta Lab®

With Open Roberta programming is a piece of cake.
"Open Roberta Lab" allows even newbies to program intuitively with the graphical programming language NEPO®. The open-source platform is based on the long-standing knowledge of the Fraunhofer initiative "Roberta® - Learning with robots".

Calliope mini Swift Playground

The Calliope mini Swift Playground can be used without any previous knowledge and is ideal for getting started with text-based programming using the Mac or the iPad. The programming language Swift is explained in the first chapters by entering and adjusting parameters in an easy-to-understand manner. Calliope mini Playground also comes with a great tutorial that helps you to create exciting projects (with Swift) in class.
Calliope mini Swift Playground​

Calliope mini App

The Calliope mini can also be programmed mobile! With the iOS or Android App you can use the editors directly from your smartphone or tablet.